Tickled Orange

by Tigertown Graphics September 13, 2012

It may be really easy to find your casual orange wear in Clemson, but are you looking for something a little more fitted? A little bit girlier? Dresses? Jewelry? Travel Mugs? Monogrammed items? Baby clothes, wedding gifts, bow ties, tailgate goods…

We know where you need to go… 


We love Tickled Orange because it's a way to open up our repertoire of t-shirts to the ladies of Clemson who either want to sweeten their gameday or every day wardrobe with fashion items that they crave. There is no need to buy those dresses in salmon and burnt orange, when you can find solid orange dresses here in town! And for those of you that like a little purple with your orange on gamedays, we have that too!  We also do plenty of monogramming, so if you are looking to get bibs, onsies or travel mugs monogrammed, we have you covered.


Don’t forget to visit us this football season and check out our tailgate table! 

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Tigertown Graphics
Tigertown Graphics


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