Best Sellers of November

by Tigertown Graphics December 13, 2012


Weather at the end of fall in South Carolina can be very unpredictable. One week it is 70 degrees and the next week it’s 40 degrees. The weather may be fickle, but you aren’t. You know that November means more cold days than warm days and that means that it is time to pull out the long sleeves. That is why our top sellers this month have been all of our long sleeve shirts! 

From the basic Clemson Athletic Paw to the more detailed shirts like Clemson Blue Moon, our long sleeves shirts are what are selling this month. But some shirts stand above the rest…our top of the top sellers this month have been This is Death Valley and Clemson Christmas. The regular football season may now be over, but our solid orange days aren't and we will continue to wear our orange! 

Good luck on exams this week!  

Tigertown Graphics
Tigertown Graphics