Out with the old, in with the new (in a good way!)

by Tigertown Graphics December 06, 2012


For those of you that did not know, we have had an intern all fall semester named Mason McCaskill. Born in Chapin, South Carolina, Mason moved to the upstate when he started Clemson as a marketing major. After a couple of semesters in marketing he decided that that was not the major for him and that his true calling was in graphic communications.

As required by the graphic comm. program, Mason needed an internship and landed one with us in late July. He is our print fulfillment, cutting and mounting guy who skips to work every morning. That last part isn’t true, but I hope that it put a nice visual into your head of a grown man jovially skipping through downtown Clemson into Tigertown Graphics sales office. His favorite part of the internship has been the laidback atmosphere of the office. He’s excited about heading back to school for spring semester and jumping into branding, printing and designing with the rest of the Clemson undergrads.

When he is not here at work, you can find him working on his new 1979 Volkswagen bus or listening to his favorite tunes that range from Taylor Swift to Christmas Shoes.   

Random Facts

-Favorite Clemson Restaurant: TD’s

-Has the cutest dog in the world, named Avett Miller

-His 3 favorite people in the world are his momma, Garth and Katie


Taking over the position that Mason is leaving and turning it into a full time position is Megan Fallow. Megan hails from Seneca, South Carolina and graduated from Anderson University with a degree in graphic design. After graduating she worked at Blue Mountain Media (now Blue Mountain of Seneca) where she was a graphic designer.  From there she went to be the marketing Coordinator and graphic designer for International Kitchen Supply.

At Tigertown she is our media specialist, creating all our paper printed needs and taking on social media. She is most excited about having a position that is closer to home and aiding the company in their print fulfillment needs. We, at Tigertown, are most excited about her creativity and initiative. Since starting in early November, Megan has reorganized our print area, decorated with old poster and created wall art out of scraps on top of getting all her work done.

 Random Facts


-Favorite Clemson restaurant is 356

-She has her own Megan Fallow Esty store, where you can buy her crochet work!

-Total health nut who works out and eats 5 times a day (there is a lot of Greek yogurt)

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