Meet Chuck Rice!

by Tigertown Graphics November 08, 2012

Charles Rice, or Chuck as everyone calls him, was born twenty minutes from here in the electric city. After graduating high school, Chuck moved to Greenwood to begin school at Lander University. He majored in business and through that field he met and became friends with John Earle. You can call this friendship destiny or coincidence, but this bond instigated a business partnership that still continues to grow 24 year later. 

Getting ideas from his previous work in a sports good store and local entrepreneurs, Chuck and John created Tigertown Graphics in 1988. John moved to Clemson in the fall and Chuck joined him later that winter after they decided to focus their attention solely on the Clemson market. During those beginning years, Chuck and John spent a lot of hours in the print shop designing, printing and not getting enough sleep.

If you stop by the sales office now, you may not run into Chuck because he is often being the hands and feet of the shop. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, which works well in a business where no day is the same as the last. Fortunately for him, that is his favorite part of the job. In store you will find him handling the business’ financial and supply needs.


Random Facts:

-Married with 3 children

-His wife may cut your hair! She owns Suite 200 Salon and Spa!

-His favorite Clemson restaurant is Pot Belly Deli

-Has the cutest 22 month old girl (this is no exaggeration…trust us)

- Rides bikes, loves bikes…does MAJOR bike races!      

Tigertown Graphics
Tigertown Graphics