Meet John Earle!

by Tigertown Graphics October 25, 2012


Born down the road in Walhalla, SC, John was no stranger to South Carolina. He moved to Virginia and Kentucky but eventually found himself back in Walhalla for middle school and the rest of high school. After graduation, John moved over to Greenwood for college and met Chuck Rice. Chuck decided that they should start a print shop and with no printing experience they jumped in headfirst. Most people would call this point in John’s life as a “go big or go home” moment…and I don’t mean to sway your opinion in this matter, but this is a go big moment.

John and Chuck opened up Tigertown Graphics in 1988, but John was the first to move that year while Chuck stayed at the Greenwood site. John took on all roles of screen-printing that year. He was a customer service guy, designer, screen maker, printer…he may have done without a lot sleep during those early months. Chuck came and joined him early 1989 and they have continued the business together ever since.

Now John is most likely the guy you will talk to first when you come into the sales office. He is our main man for customer service. He also takes on the role of art director, by coming up with many of the designs down in the store and developing them with the designers to create some of the great shirts in the store. He may be past having to do all aspects of the printing process, but that is still what he loves about his job. He loves seeing a shirt go from an idea, to a design, to a screen, to a shirt and finally to one of your favorite shirts.


Random Facts:

-John LOVES college football

-Has 2 dogs and a cat

-Favorite restaurant in Clemson is Sardi’s Den “best ribs in the world” he says!

-Married with 3 kiddies

-Met his wife on a blind group date that he missed the dinner for and was late to the movie

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